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Mulch and Mulch Plates

mulch and mulch plates


Material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil
TLC have all your mulching needs covered Indoor Mulching Floor pots can be dressed with natural coco fibre or black coco fibre. Counter pots can be dressed with decorative elements includes glass pebbles, moss or slate. tambour units and joinery planters with mulch plates can be dressed with pebbles, slate rocks or black recycled rubber rock mulch our rubber mulch is a 100% recycled product and will not fade or breakdown for a long lasting effect. External Garden Mulching Mulching garden beds is an important part of garden maintenance and provides many benefits apart from looking great. Mulching to industry standards reduces moisture loss from the soil surface which will aid plant growth and reduce watering needs, retains soil moisture, regulates soil temperature, and gives nutrients to the soil. Lots of different organic and inorganic mulches are available however our most popular include arborist / leaf mulch, forest fines, euci, pine bark and hard wood chip. Our team will organise delivery to site and spread to garden areas.