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Tambour Units

tambour planter


Most people know what tambour is once they see it, although they may not know the exact name for it. We see tambour doors in various environments without realising, including caravans, kitchens, offices and even on airplanes. A tambour storage unit is a unit with a door made from thin wooden or stainless steel slats, which are mounted to a flexible backing. A tambour door slides upwards or horizontally to open rather than opening outwards.
Tambour planters are placed onto the top of the tabour storage unit. In most cases the tambour planter matches the size of the storage unit. They hold between 3 – 6 plants each. These planter boxes allow for greenery to be incorporated in a workspace, office, or waiting room and improves air quality. TLC has a range of decorative mulches to dress the top of the tambour unit such as pebbles, slate rocks or black recycled rubber rock mulch. Our rubber mulch is a 100% recycled product and will not fade or breakdown for a long lasting effect.